“Viktor A. Ambartsumian's Descendants” educational charitable foundation was founded in 2014 and is pursuing educational, charitable and other public objectives. The necessity of creation of the foundation is due to the great success of 35 Armenian pupils in the international Astronomical Olympiads in the last 15 years․The main objective of the foundation is to encourage pupils and among them develop interest in Astronomy, as well as to identify gifted pupils in National Astronomical Olympiads and to support their participation in International Astronomical Olympiads, later on to be informed about their further research activities. The other objective of the foundation is to support Astronomy at all levels in Armenia and to preserve outstanding scientist Viktor Ambartsumian’s scientific heritage. The potential beneficiaries of the foundation are pupils, Astronomy Olympiads participants, young astronomers studying and studied abroad, those operating in the field of Astronomy and persons contributing to the development and propagation of Astronomy.